I’ve been a pet owner for a long time now. I can remember having my first little pup when I was about 3 years old. From then on, I’ve had quite a few cats and dogs. Occasionally, I will admit, we do feed our dogs (and cats) scraps. Usually just meat, but sometimes it varies. When I don’t know if the food will harm them or not, usually I just don’t give them any. I’ve been researching, and have complied a list of foods dogs cannot eat, and why they can’t eat them.

Cooked Chicken Bones: One time I guess I left out my plate, and I found a chicken bone on the floor being chewed on by my dog. I was very scared, and checked it out. Thankfully, it was barely touched and he was fine. If a dog eats part of a chicken bone, it will splinter and poke his insides around.


Why grapes are not good for dogs, I’m not exactly sure. Grapes have been known to cause kidney failure in dogs. I knew a small dog that was fed some grapes and had to go through expensive vet visits. Just please don’t feed your dogs grapes!


This is the most obvious one. Chocolate is considered toxic to dogs. The worst chocolate dogs can get a hold on is dark baker’s chocolate, but any chocolate will make them very sick. Funny story, I caught my dog with an oreo one time after my niece had left the box open. I was freaking out, called the vet and looked online right away. Thankfully there isn’t enough real chocolate in oreos, so he was once again fine, just had a bit of diarrhea. (Which is not fun for either the owner or the pet!)


My neighbours went to Hawaii a couple years ago and brought back some macadamia nuts. I had already read not to feed these to my pets, so I never gave them any. They looked interested, and wanted some. Don’t give in, no matter how cute they act! As few as 6 nuts can make your pets quite sick. From trembling, to vomiting and weakness, these are all symptoms. Please see your vet right away if you suspect your pet has eaten macadamia nuts.


I’ve never known anybody who has fed their dog coffee. It just seems like a no-no. Coffee can cause similar symptoms chocolate causes. (Due to cocoa beans I assume.)


Most people I know do not even interfere with this substance, but it can be very bad for your dog if they eat it. I know someone whose dog got a piece of Marijuana and ate it. She got very sick and the family was very worried! It can depress the nervous system and cause vomiting and changes in heart rate. Tobacco can also make your dog (and yourself) very sick if ingested.


Yeast rises as we all know. If a dog ingests some yeast dough, it can expand enough to rupture the dog’s stomach. Bread also can do the same if given too much, so be careful with amounts if you feed your dog anything that contains bread.


This well known spice has a bad effect on dogs. It can cause tremors, seizures, and death.

Although sugary foods won’t kill your dogs, I still choose not to feed them anything sugary. Feeding dogs too much sugar can cause dental problems and diabetes later in life. Dogs already have bad teeth, unless you brush them everyday. I shoot for brushing them once a week, as my dogs despise it. Dentastix are also great. They are treats which clean your dogs teeth.

I hope you follow this list, but don’t worry too much about it. Just be careful, and feed your dogs small scraps once in a while. They will love you for it!


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