About Me

People always ask me how I started this business and to be completely honest when I am asked I always find myself explaining how I never planned on starting a business it just happened. Growing up with animals my whole life working with them was almost second nature, I always had dogs in the house but that were never the only critter we had running around. I have had birds, lizards, fish, scorpions, snakes, pigs, horses, goats, basically anything my family would allow through the doors eventually became a pet. The passion for working with animals was always there. I have been working for Atlantis Resort for 7 years and then my world had shattered on 2002. Our dept at Atlantis Resort was laid off and it was hard to find job because of my deafness most people don’t know how to communicate with deaf so they usually put application to last. With no luck on finding job I thought about how I miss working with dogs when I was young with my grandmother and mom. Mom was professional dog show and my grandmother was AKC cerified breeder and also does grooming. So I decided to try house/pet sitting and dog walking business and I must say this is one best decision I ever made because I love to work with pets and I always look forward to go work and spend time with them. Today I am incredibly grateful and amazed to look back on the journey that this business has taken me on. I have been able to create wonderful relationships with my clients. My mission with this business has always been to provide pet owners with reliable, trustworthy and caring to care for their pets and I am incredibly honored to have been given the chance to do so for so many people within my community. I look forward to many more years of providing the best quality pet care for your pets.


Firstly as homeowners I understand the responsibilities involved in looking after your treasured home. Secondly as animal lovers and pet owners. I also understand that you are often leaving your most treasured possession at home when you go on holiday! I hope that I can alleviate that worry: knowing that your pet/s is/are in caring and capable hands whilst also being able to stay in their own familiar surroundings, leaving you to relax and enjoy your break. What will I bring to the assignment? Maturity, responsibility, respect – which translates into peace of mind for you.